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Семейный Риэлтор в Киеве Покупка Продажа Аренда Гарантия 100% результата!

Watch, read, call!

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Family Realtor.

Family realtor - a specialist in real estate of a wide profile. His competence includes the solution of all issues related to the real estate of a family, individual or legal entity. 
A family realtor must provide competent and professional customer service! If necessary, involving specialists of a narrower profile: notaries, lawyers, realtors specializing in a narrow segment of the market - to achieve maximum results.
A family realtor is the organization of a full cycle of buying, selling, renting, marketing, advertising, negotiations, presentations, preparing documents, checking the legality of a transaction, conducting a transaction with the involvement of a bank, notary, negotiation and other actions that facilitate and speed up the process of selling / buying / renting , apartments, houses, commercial premises.
Real Estate Agency "Family Realtor", works for you in Kyiv and the region.
If you would like to cooperate, please contact
  us  in any way convenient for you.
I will be glad to help you.
Sincerely, Petr Tulyupa.

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