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Real Estate Agency "Family Realtor" provides services:

   - Sale

   - Purchase

   - Rent

Apartments, houses, land plots, non-residential premises, offices.


We organize a full cycle of works:

   - Valuation of real estate;

   - Photo session of the object;

   - Advertising company of the object;

   - Organization of the viewing process;

   - Assistance in the preparation of documents;

   - Organization of a preliminary agreement (deposit agreement);

   - Organization of the main contract;

   - Assistance in organizing: checking money, documents and transportation;

   - Assistance in organizing the acceptance and transfer of the apartment

    (Act of acceptance and transfer of the object);

   - Assistance in organizing the move;

   - Other questions that arise during the purchase process or

    sale of real estate.

Any person can receive the services of the Family Realtor Real Estate Agency, for this you need to contact us in any way convenient for you:

   - Make phone calls;

   - Write to the email address;

   - Contact through social networks.

After that, we will meet and develop a strategy for further action.

Sincerely, Petr Eduardovich Tulyupa.

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