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The prices for real estate services depend on the chosen option of working with a realtor.

What are the options for working in the real estate market of Ukraine?

At the moment, there are three options for cooperation and payment for the services of realtors:

   - payment for services by the buyer of real estate;

   - payment for services by the seller of real estate;

   - payment for services by the customer of the service (seller or buyer).

Question history.

In the 90s, the services of realtors (at that time they were called brokers, brokers, intermediaries) were paid by real estate sellers. The seller receives money, and the buyer loses this money, respectively, the seller, as the party who received the benefit, paid for the services of realtors.

The wave of immigration has changed the situation in the real estate market. Cases of non-payment for the services of realtors became more frequent, and the seller's departure abroad deprived realtors of the opportunity to defend their rights in the court of Ukraine. Large real estate companies decided to take % for their services from buyers who stayed in their apartments and did not plan to leave, which means that it was more difficult for them to avoid paying for services.

Times are changing, the situation in the real estate market is changing. Now more and more real estate companies and frequent realtors are returning to the practice of paying for services from the real estate seller.

Currently, the US market is considered the standard of civility, transparency and security in the real estate market. The services of realtors in the United States are almost always paid by the seller of real estate.

You can learn more about the service itself and why and who should pay by visiting or listening to the seeds and master classes: Hovhannisyan Artur Pavlovich

The amount of remuneration for the services of Ukrainian realtors is varied and depends on several main factors: professionalism and the amount of work performed. On average 3% - 6% of the final sale price of the object.

Real Estate Agency "Family Realtor" offers its client to work according to the standards adopted by US realtors - payment for services by the seller of real estate.

Main advantages:

   - all demand and all offers from potential buyers come to one professional realtor, which allows you to effectively manage demand and choose the best offer

- we help to solve ALL issues that arise during the sale process;

   - in a falling and unstable market, we use new marketing solutions that help sell an object quickly and expensively;

   - we cooperate with the best notaries in Kiev and offer the execution of transactions to be carried out by Yulia Yuryevna Labutina ;

   - working with us you will sell your object quickly, expensively, comfortably and safely.


Sincerely, Tulyupa Petr Eduardovich.

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